About Us

Del Mar’s new neighborhood staple.

There is truly something for everyone here at San Diego’s new The GOAT Sorts Hall.


Founded by industry veteran and former University of San Diego quarterback
Joseph Luciano, this beachfront sports bar offers quintessential California comfort foods crafted
to perfection and a gorgeous venue for anyone who wanders through the doors after a long day
by the ocean. A one-of-a-kind combination of a classic sports bar and a scenic dining

The GOAT indubitably lives up to its name.

With the foundation of The GOAT, Luciano intended to create a space for those in the
locale to form a community. Whether it be to meet for a couple beers with friends on game night
or have a fun night out with the family, the restaurant serves as the perfect neighborhood
staple—a place to both relax and feast on the mouthwatering dishes as well as take a load off
and let loose.

“The GOAT’s one of the few places where girls walk in and call it cute. And it’s a man
cave. It’s also got this incredible view,” said Luciano. “If you don’t want to come in and stare at a
screen—because you’re not into the game—but you want to have a social atmosphere? We
have that here. If you just want to come watch a beautiful sunset, you can do that here, too. Not
many sports bars have a location like this.”

Not only is Luciano’s meticulous location choice a product of a long-lasting love for
Torrey Pines, his favorite beach in San Diego, it also is the ideal central location for several
sports establishments. Customers will love basking in The GOAT’s casual laid back
atmosphere. Burrowed right next to the sports track, the Torrey Pines golf course, as well as a
whole host of incredible sports schools, the restaurant is truly an out-of-the-stadium home run in
every single way.

At The GOAT, large screen TVs cover every important sports game running at a single 
moment, especially our very own San Diego Padres. 11 beers offered on tap, a selection of
mouthwatering bar bites, including all-American juicy burgers and crispy tacos, and roaring
laughter complete a boisterous sports bar ambiance at an affordable price. Our amazing menu is sure to please.

With arcade games and shuffleboard to invite families to make memories they will never forget, and the impeccable friendly
service will keep you coming back to experience the unmatched classic experience that The
GOAT offers.

The GOAT—“greatest of all time”—is a phrase that has been around forever, but recently
has been scattered over the internet and social media. Is Tom Brady the GOAT football player?
Who really is the GOAT basketball player in the NBA? But when it comes to this GOAT, the
answer is crystal clear. Years of experience, love, and a dedication to sports and community have led to the creation of San Diego’s The GOAT Sports Hall,

We guarantee that after you pay us a visit, you will agree they indeed are the “greatest of all time.” For more information visit our site here 

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